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thiray is the easiest way(we promise) to find cast & crew for your media project !

Are you URGENTLY looking for actor or crew ? Just Select from our talent list.

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Thank you so much for helping me and my team (with promotion of my short film Network) I won't forget this !

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Great Job by you guys, I got some good contacts from thiray. I always recommend thiray to my friends in media.

keep up the good work !

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Thiray team gave a gud Recognition for my first Album and connected me to people who now help me to do Tamil Feature films and more Album. Thanx to Thiray Team

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A Good Network Will Create an Good Work Whenever , Wherever!!!


Thank a lot thiray team.
this site is very helpfull for us. keep going ................

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I got my first opportunity in cinema in just 15 days of creating my profile in thiray....am very happy to be share this thing....thanx to thiray and give some more opportunities like this

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Thiray is very very useful for my carrier, they doing really good ....

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Very very useful sites

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I have come accross many casting & media sites whose motive is just business... but Thiray is one step ahead , Great job guys ! Please continue to support us ;)


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Thanks a lot ! ! ! Got the singer at the last moment . . . Thanks to this website ! ! ! ! ! You guys rockssssssssssss ! ! ! !

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thiray is very use full for filmmakers like me.

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I Am so happy to find thiray.com to show the talent to the world.

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On-Call live support service based on user's interactions from thiray is helping to me place my content and info with ease. Thank You thiray team.

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The short film industry is its in its toddler stage and its grown is exponential like the Chinese. bamboo tree What you guys are going is really exceptional and you will grow with the short film industry. Lookng forward for a long term relationship with Thiray.
Kudos !

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I am happy that something like thiray.com has come up online, because it will be surely a platform for show casing young talents , who still don't know how to get in touch with the people involved in film making . Gud luck team THIRAY.COM for your efforts to bring out new aspiring young fresh minds.Shiridi Saibaba bless you all.

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it's very helpful for all kind of activities in film making....Best wishes for thiray team....Proud to be one of the user...

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A Good Network Will Create an Good Work Whenever , Wherever , I Like an Ex: You

Thank You So Much Thiray Team

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Thanks a ton to Thiray team & Muthu. Searching for a character artist for a long time to my film & finally got the artist through Thiray. Fabulous work by Thiray.

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thiray.com...very useful to me...
thanks to thiray.com

(4Hawks got 'title designer' opportunity through thiray)

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Just 4 days after joining Thiray, I have bagged a singing assignment and an acting assignment. Thrilled beyond words!!!!Thank you Thiray

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Thiray - A place where talent clubs from various locations. The idea of thiray must be supported by all film makers. They are just working for us. Proud to be Thiriyan. Getting many talented peoples from here. Also making my talent identified by others. Support Thiray.

Ram Prasad
(Film Maker)

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Very Useful site for FIlm Industry Professionals.

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Thank you thiray team ! You and your website is doing a great job for all the budding filmmakers and filmies out there.

Thanks a lot !

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very good site...geeting lots of artist ...thanks to thiray.com

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THIRAY team is more useful for film makers.you guys are helping alot.thank you so much.please continue this service.

(Ayyappan found Cinematographer & Assistant Director for his next project through thiray)

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Thiray !!! �Gave me the perfect identification and Pointed out the Perfect professionals crew for me... Thiray Team Making an New Era... Great of You Guys !!!

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Thanks a lot, this site is amazing... I Like it very much !

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thanks thiray !

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Thiray.com is very useful for Media Professionals. Make use of it.
Support Thiray.com

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Really u helped me a lot

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I got actors needed for my short film through thiray. Very helpful to find the talents needed.

Thank you thiray team...

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hats off to thirai team , they give an opportunity to lead our media life LIKE STEPPING STONE

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Went through 'Thiray'. It is a great service you are doing to either sides, talent seekers and talent offers. Great going. It is a great place for those who are creative and interested to work hard but do not have a platform to start with. Congrats !

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Thanks alot thirai

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Oh my god ! look this page is fully loaded with lot of talented people. How did I miss this till now ?

செம்ம idea ! உண்மயா என்னை மாதிரி எத்தன பேர் சந்தோஷமா இருக்க போறாங்க !

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Thank you for your support and wishes. My 'need' got many views and responses.

thiray ROKZ !

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Through thiray team I had a chance to meet new friends and had a nice and new experience working with them.
Thanks to thiray.....

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apt website for film industry people

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I Thank Thiray for Given a Talented Sfx person .

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Thank you thiray. It's a very genuine platform with genuine people to get connect to. Admin does a great job. Thank you so much for providing us this platform

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thank u so much.thiray

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Thank u so much thiray for being a pillar in creating my team.... Now we r a full equipped technical team for a full movie... thanks Thiray

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We came to know about the event AAHAN 2014 in thiray and participated with our movie REMINISCENCE - AN ACT OF LOVE. We got second prize in international film category for social message for which i wrote STORY AND SCREENPLAY. Thank you.

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I got the technician for my short film project. Thanks to thiray for helping the search and getting me some good friends !

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I'm new to thiray and am sure it will be useful for many talents

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Thank you so much thiray team !

Your contribution to short films is unmatchable, keep supporting us !

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I got a tittle designer and music director...Thanks a lot for Thiraydotcom team frndzz..

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This is good platform for job seeker, ,its very usefull for us , and include me

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I was looking for a Villain for my Tele Film and I found it Right Here on thiray!! you rock thiray... Keep up the good work.. Talents are having bright Future if you are registered with Thiray..Thanks Thiray Team!

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Thiray.com paves a great platform for opportunities in media and entertainment.
I got to know many young aspiring and budding music directors, filmmakers, actors, technicians. Thiray.com thus ensures forming a full fledged team in which each of them can supplement and complement for a Movie or a Project.
An easy and fruitful way to get connected with professionals and technicians

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Receiving great reponse from many talented people gives more confidence on cinema. Let live in. Thanks Thiray Team. :-)

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Thiray is the most helpful & beneficent site.


thnk yu guys (for my first singing opportunity)...u ppl r rockinnnnnnnnnnnnnn......

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HI, thanks to thiray team. i got cameraman by using thiray. sincere thanks to thiray team vishnu sir.i felt now by thiray team that is GOOD THOUGHTS LEADS TO SURE SUCCESS. thanks once again thiray.

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I would like to thank you and all the team members if Thiray for taking the effort of showcasing my talent by Advertising my Ad.
God Bless all of you!
With warm regards,

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thiray team supports young talents and they work until last minute of success. Thanks thiray team !

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Really Good one for Film Makers!! Thanks to Thiray Team

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Thank you thiray team.. Your website is really useful for upcoming talents in film industry..

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