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Hello everyone,

I am searching for one or more partners, a co-producer/investor to help me produce a sci-fi 3DHD TV series.

The creative group «GunArt Film Studio» is developing a sci-fi space series called, The Raakvil Saga.

The genre is adventure-science fiction-drama involving rebel wars.

The original plot of the project is based on Authur, G.Miksitisa's concept «the SAGA of Raakvil» in which a terrestrial human civilization experiences the growing pains of meeting and learning to get along with other species.

Against a backdrop of intergalactic space travel, the difficulties of developing relations between humans and other sentient beings is explored.

One of the great features of this project is the story being told using 3D - HD, something never done for television before.

Please contact me for additional information about this project.


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