There is a very good reason as to why you don't see us rushing in our marketing efforts of Thiray. We want to give the best of user experience and good quality transactions throughout your stay in Thiray. In our endeavor to serve you the best, we strive to improve ourselves first before we could start marketing. So Kindly give us your feedback on your experience in Thiray. Tell us what you like and don't. Write to us here

We have added a new FAQ section just in case if you have any doubts on Thiray usage. We actually wanted to add some videos in this section but later decided to add them after beta re-design. So, should you get lost somewhere in Thiray or if you wonder how to do a certain thing, please check our FAQ section, you might bump into your answer. If you still have some queries you can post them in our discussion board here.

Happy Thiraying !

Yes, Thiray opened up for external registration today. Thanks to all who have been visiting our homepage expecting this day. Though we have been up and running for about a month now, we opened for you the public only today. We wanted to clear off some last minute issues and provide you a bug-free experience. Great effort from the Thiray team for the past one year which did the market research, design, development and testing all in house. Congratulations !

Do register and add your talent profiles now !