There you go, as promised, the month long re-branding and re-design of your favourite Thiray is finally complete. Its not just the look, we have took pains to improve your time of stay in the site by adding new sets of context menus in profile and page views. We have also added suggestions as you view one content. We have shed most of our unwanted weight (read things which you are not interested) and added a couple of new features (References, Status updates and wall) Also, most importantly we got rid of our BETA tag and we have gone to a yearly paid subscription mode.

We are doing a major redesign of your portal Thiray for the (re)launch of its official version. Thanks to all your feedback, we will soon loose our "beta" tag. Some users might have already felt the changes during the testing we are doing. In Swthis juncture we would like to inform you that we might go offline for a week in July. We request your continued support and patience during the period as always. A detailed blog post on the new feautres and changes follows.

Happy Thiraying !

We have been having some technical issues with user names that have spaces in them. So with the consent of the popular user community, we are preventing the use of spaces in user names. Existing user names have updated by the system replacing spaces with underscores.

So if your old user name is p.vishnu vijayan then the new user name would be p.vishnu_vijayan Users are advised to use the new user name to login and access Thiray. Have any queries on this? do write to us at


We are happy to announce that we have added the profile image crop feature. Now you can upload your profile image and crop the image to an area of your choice. There has been a popular demand from our users for this feature. There are two sizes of your profile picture you can crop. One is the bigger, 100X100 picture that appears in your profile page (profile_page) and the other is smaller, 60X54 picture (default_profile_pic) that appears in your entries and posts.

So to here is how you can crop your profile image.

Thank you for sending us your comments suggestions and feedbacks on improving Thiray. You have been really wonderful people to help us out. We assure that we would constantly innovate and improve to serve you better. Some of the comments are given below.

1. The home page / landing page could be more attractive.
2. User ids with spaces seem to have some issues with login.
3. The logo and graphic could be improved.
4. Ability to crop and scale your profile pictures.
5. The font could be more readable.
6. The top menu could be attractive and visible.

We are happy to announce that we have interviewed Edwin - an upcoming cinematographer and a fellow Thiray user for our very first in the series of articles about upcoming media professionals. Excerpts from the interview would be published soon.

Thiray event is being used to promote project Sannidhanam. When we decided to add the event module, we wanted to have a complete event management system with guest list, RSVP and message updates. So here we are happy to see all the features at work in this invite.

Or have we made it too complicated? What say you?

The official user base of Thiray has reached 100 today with Skywalker4687 joining us. Hope to reach thousands in the near future. Kindly add your few cents invite your friends.

As part of our re-design and branding exercise we have changed our tagline from "Talent meets Business" to "Your identity in mass media". This sounded more appropriate since Thiray in many ways actually belongs to you, its users and your content. We want Thiray to be yours !

Tell us what you think about this change in Tagline.

Thiray team wishes the media professionals, companies, clients, customers and institutes a successful worldwide and prosperous new year !