Pondy thiray user group meet


We love to drive. And we were driving in one of the most scenic routes of India, the ECR. Probably this was the only time we loved destination & purpose even more. We were on our way to Pondicherry for the first ever Pondy thiray users meet!

Young talents from Pondicherry were one of the early adopters of thiray and we were longing to meet them for quite a while. The beautiful costal town has a vibrant bunch of boys & girls who are breaking grounds into media industry every day. These guys come together, form a studio and produce excellent short films, music albums, documentaries with money from their own pockets.

We finally reached beautiful Puducherry beach and met our fellow thriayans at 5 in the evening. Saravanan an aspiring VFX artist travelled all the way from Karaikal with his friends to meet us today. Engineers by education, but their passion for creativity has brought them together to pursue a career in media.Eslin Joy, a local budding filmmaker and actor was too happy to meet us in person finally. Jack of Hifi Digital studios narrated how he got an earful from a girl on the beach walk when he approaches to cast her in his short film. It was just another day for him in his creative journey.

We posed one main question to the group: Has anybody in the group or their friends actually got film opportunities through conventional social media like facebook / twitter etc. NO was the answer. All agreed that they were able to get some kind of response / reply to their constant effort (read stalking) industry people in twitter. But traditional social media could take them only so far. Real opportunities are too serious to be given in facebook or twitter. Simple reason: Social media is for being SOCIAL not PROFESSIONAL!

Another hot topic of discussion was finding producers for short films: Inspired by the latest trend of making short film to attract
producers and then making the same into feature version (Kathalil sothappuvathu eppadi, Pannayaarum Padminiyum etc) these filmmakers want to make good quality short film (say with a crane shot) and this is where they run short of funds. Let’s face it: Producers are business men, they are here to make profit so they will always be looking for returns and short films don’t give a profit at least as of now. One way out of this is to add ONLY those expensive shots as pre-production animations (Google sketchup, Blender etc) to give an idea to a prospective producer. This can save money and can also be used as storyboards for the feature film version.

After 2 hours of debate and discussion about such topics and getting lot of suggestions to enhance thiray, we parted but not without presenting our friends the thiray cap as token of appreciation to their efforts.

Once again, our best wishes all thirayans of Pondy for their journey in Media & Entertainment!