How to promote in facebook or other social networks

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The following holds good for Facebook or any social network if you want to promote your film or any content.

Where to post?

Facebook offers a variety of places where you can post - Your own timeline, pages, groups, apps or other (friends) timeline, pages, groups. Each of them has a specific purpose. If it is a photo of your friends it is better to post it in your timeline. Pages are generally for business / films don’t post your friends picture there, post only your film related information there.

What to post?

The content you post should be useful and relevant to the readers. Videos-infographics-photos-music-text status is the order of popularity in social networks. You can also use other features like Poll etc to ask questions. Behind the scenes, progress status, cast & crew, working stills etc are examples of good updates.

If you are posting a text status, keep it short, don’t write long paragraphs. Use 'notes' for long texts.

Who to tag?

DON’T TAG! Tagging a whole bunch of irrelevant people would annoy them. Since they're following they would get the message. People automatically share the things if they like what they read. Tag ONLY if the person is in the photo or part of the team.

Also, avoid emotional blackmails - 'Share if you are a true filmmaker' etc. This will degrade your image in their minds.

When to post?

Timing your post is very important because if nobody is online when you post, no one is going to share or like your post. You must know when most of your friends / followers are online. Use your chat window to observer carefully and find this our. Now once you find this, (say be 6 to 9 pm), time your post accordingly. But there is a catch, all your friends online might also be posting something or the other, so your post might get lost among other posts! So there should be a careful balanced timing

How many to post?

This is another important point where we often go wrong. Don't post some 3 videos at the same time. Your readers are going to watch only one of them and ignore the other 2. Don’t let your posts compete with each other.

If you post a set of working stills this week, your readers are going to expect another set the next week. Don’t disappoint them. Be regular, do not stop abruptly.

Happy Promoting!