How to make the best use of Chennai International Film festival

The Chennai international film festival is being organized by the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation every year since 2003. The film festival is dedicated in screening the best international films every year in different genre. The film festival will screen around 140 films in different languages this year. If you are a budding film maker who wishes to make it big in the future then the Chennai international film festival could be the right choice for you to improve your skills and creativity. Check out for more information.
Here is a primer on how you can make the best of this and any film festival.
- Mostly a single paid registration is done well ahead of time but entry Passes (free) for individual shows is given before the show.
- If you are travelling to attend the festival, make proper stay and travel arrangements ahead of time, call up the organiser and ask for help.
- Get the schedule ahead of time. Select which movies you would like to watch ahead of time. Try to avoid watching your favourite movie yet again in the festival. The purpose of attending a film festival is to catch films which you haven't watched before. Select the films of your genre (musical, thriller, romcom etc)
- Google a bit about the makers of the film before the show but not about the movie, there might be spoilers!
- Arrive at the speculated time of screening and get seated ahead of screening time. Please do not disturb a screening which is in progress.
- While watching a movie, pay attention to what is happening on the screen. Do not get distracted by someone leaving the theatre or sneeze or a mobile phone ringing!
- Try to understand the main intent the filmmaker is trying to convey. The intent of the movie need not be to convey a story, it could be to capture a moment in history or a even a single emotion
- Don’t get carried away by reading the subtitles, watch the movie! You don't need word to word translation of what is spoken to understand the visual medium of cinema
- It would be a good idea to make small notes during the show
- Once the show completes, discuss it with your friend sitting next to you. Try to see if he has a different perspective or different impact.
- Read your notes and write a review of the movie.
- Most film festivals try to get in makers of the movie ( producer / director) etc to the screening, make sure you go ahead and talk to them in person after the screening and discuss the impact it had on you. Do attend the discussions on the festival forums to discuss movies.
- Some festivals have re-runs for famous movies. Watch it again - this time analyse various departments like costume, sound, camera etc.
- If you like a particular film, pick up a DVD for your collection!
- After the festival, do email the organisers to thank them and give your feedback about the festival. It would really encourage them.