How to Copyright?

Copyright is a form of protection which gives exclusive right to the creator or owner which can give him the sole right to display his work publicly. Copyrights protect the originality of any idea or expression of an individual. The copyright owner can enjoy the following benefits:

  • · Copy and distribute his work

· Provide others with license to use the copyrighted work

· Power to stop infringement of the rights by third party people

· Obtain compensation for the damages caused by infringement for the copyrighted work

A couple of important facts are…

1. A work gets copyrighted to you the moment you create it. It is not necessary to get it formally copyrighted, but getting a copyright status is advised because it will help in case of any contention.

2. If you make a video of Tajmahal, YOU own the full rights on your video not the owner of Taj.

Who can obtain copyrights?

Artists, innovators, writers, media professionals, business person and anybody who wishes to protect the originality of their idea can obtain a copyright.

· If you are looking for copyrights being a publisher, then you should know that title of the book can never be copyrighted. However you can protect a book that contains your ideas and methods.

· You can obtain a copyright for your website as well if it contains creative works, photographs, videos and cinematograph that is created by the artist.

· A computer software or programme can be registered for copyright under the section ‘literary work’. In this case, you need to apply for copyrights under the copyright act of 1957 for software products.

· Copyright and patent are not the same. Patent protects the discoveries and inventions while a copyright law can protect your idea and words.

Where to apply for copyrights?

Copyrights can be applied for any product at the ministry of human resource development in New Delhi, India. One can even apply at the official website by filling out an application. It is mandatory to wait for a period of 30 days in order to obtain copyrights after the applications are filed. Licenses to use your work can be issued through Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS)


There are various organisations worldwide that can help you to protect the exclusive rights of your original work. It is very important to get your work copyrighted immediately in order to prevent infringements.


You can register for the ownership for the original song, lyrics and the music by registering in songrite copyright registration office. The organisation helps all the lyricists, singers and musicians to get their original work copyrighted. You can register online by uploading your original work in the official site. The copyright fee for a single song costs 30$.

For audio and video files you can obtain copyrights from copycat licensing that provide licensing services for audio, video, composers, song writers and lyricists.


If you are a photographer who is looking for a way to protect your ownership then you need to get your original work copyrighted. You can register them at the united states copyright office which can provide you the complete rights for your original work. There are four different categories under which you can get your photographs copyrighted at the official site online.

Written text:

You can file for an application in the official copyright office to protect your written text. You need to send a piece of your writing electronically along with the registration form along with a fees of 35$ at copyright office. You will then receive a copyright certificate in your mail if the application is approved. Meanwhile if you are concerned about protecting your work then you can mention the text as copyright pending.

How to check for copyright violation?

· First of all, it is very essential to verify that your content does not have any copyright infringement before you publish a article or a
book on your own. This can be done at various sites like copyscape,articlechecker, copyrightspot and plagiarism

· You can look for various ideas, combinations and discoveries that have been patented by various individuals at TMPsearcher.

· If you find any violation of your copyrights by anyone then you can make use of chilling effects and DMCA to restore your rights and take action against the infringements. You can even lodge a complaint at the copyrights committee at New Delhi.