How to become a good actor ?

What it takes to be a good actor?
There are millions of talented actors around the world who are eager to leave a mark in the media industry and hence it is important to ensure that you stay ahead in the competition by putting in a little extra effort. You need a combination of self confidence, burning passion, personality and brains to become an actor. Here are a few ways to improve your acting skills.

Learn how to act:
Acting is like a craft that can be mastered only by practise. Make sure you join a good acting school to develop and improve your acting skills. Do not limit yourself only to the professional acting course but be open and enrol yourself for a dance class or learn to play an instrument. Learn how to carry yourself gracefully. Dance classes can help you to develop good stamina that may require while acting. Pick up some special skills like playing an instrument or martial arts so that you can have an edge over the others. By watching more movies you can learn about the various ways to make your performances better.

Before you perform a scene learn about the character outline and its needs in the scene. This will help you to ensure that you express the needs of the character in every frame. Practise different ways of acting by rehearsing in front of a mirror or along with your friend. Learn from the mistakes and correct yourself. Method acting involves meticulous preparation for days or even months to get into the character and prepare for your role. Natural actors have a list of possible emotions like anger, fear, love and practise by enacting each one every day and get into the skin of the character within minutes and emote. Whichever you choose practise hard to make it perfect.

Study the industry:
Before you become an actor spend your time by observing other people at work. Be a keen observer. A good actor should be able to observe and appreciate minute details like the body language or the facial expression. Learn what directors and casting agents expect from the actors and actresses.

Gain experience:
Student films, background work in TV commercials and low budget theatre projects can provide you with good experience when you start your career as an actor. You need to learn step by step to reach the target. Be ready to do extra roles on a full time or part time basis for theatre projects. This will provide you a good base for becoming a successful actor. It is very essential to stay positive and confident about what you are going to perform. While performing, believe that you are already a star and give your best.

Participate in Auditions:
Once you are confident about your skills and acting you can attend the auditions and show case your talents in front of the cast directors and agents. They would judge you based on how you fit to the particular role in their mind, so don’t get disappointed if you are not selected. The more number of auditions you participate, the greater is your experience.

As an actor you should always look out for opportunities to promote your career and work. With the advent of the internet there are many opportunities that are available everyday to promote career among people. You can build a website for yourself along with your resume, photo shots and a brief introduction about yourself. You can now build a fan page and interact with your fans every now and then. Shoot a decent show in a CD and take that for your auditions or while meeting the casting agents.