Finding producers to films

Industry economics

Now that you are ready with the script, your next step would be to find the best way to finance the film in order to make your dream come true. This
article will focus about the various possible methods by which you can finance your film in an efficient way. You can make use of the following movie
production methods to approach the right person who can help you finance the movie.

First and foremost is to rope in a bankable star for your script. A “bankable” does not mean the top grossing hero in your industry; it just means a
known face which the audience can instantly identify with. But, why should such established artist do your movie? Your script should have a meaty role
for artist to either experiment something new in his performance. Remember how Matt Damon andBen Affleck had roped in Robin Williams for Good Will hunting ?

· Movie financing traditionally consists of producers who in turn borrow money from banks and private financiers. The interest usually differs
for different borrowers. Banks, though are conservative, do finance for movies against an asset.

· The studio culture of movie financing has been around for a long time. AVM studios, Mukta arts are some established production companies for about half a century in India.AVM studios is the
largest and the oldest film production company in India. It has produced various popular movies like Shivaji, Ayan and Leader.

· The method to finance your film is to approach government media institutions like National Film Development Corporation Limited. It is a government enterprise that helps in financing feature
films or short films. You need to submit an application along with a fee of 5000rs for the committee to the chairman of the in house screening
committee. Sekhar Kammula’s Anand was part
financed by NFDC. NFDC conducts a Filmbazaar every year where potential financiers and buyers all over asia
look for scripts which are in shooting or post-production stage.

· Relatively new but significant entries into movie financing are many corporate institutions. Some of the finance companies that help in
financing are UTV, Galaxy entertainment, Adlab films and
Kaleidoscope entertainment. You can approach these corporate companies and private institutions to help you produce the film.

· As there has been a sudden increase with the number of multiplexes across the country, there is a major growth in the need for content to keep
them running. Many multiplexes have started their own production arms and a number of movies being produced by them every year.

Producers are always looking for scripts, so you can pitch your script to them. Make sure you catch them in the right time and mood by fixing a prior