Apple launches The Daily - the ipad newspaper


Apple's Eddy cue, and Rupert Murdoch - the media icon launched TheDaily - the newspaper exclusively for iPAD. It costs 19cents per day and you can get it in Apples istore. Now how different is this from any other mobile version of a newspaper? Sure it is different. It is a lot more interactive. It has huge content of more than 100 pages per day with high definition video and 360 degree photographs that can be tilted, panned. It has audio and video anchors who read out the news aloud for you. It also has updates streaming it 24X7 and what more? it can integrate with any iPAD application.

There have been mixed reactions to the magazine app. Some feel that the content is not really appealing while others have bad User Interface experience. There have been complaints about very slow download also. There are also kinesthetic sect of people who are against any magazine application and prefer the thouch and feel of a traditional paper. Looks like we'll have to give Apple and Fox some time to get along with each other more smoothly and satisfy the customers.