7 tips for your next Job, Need post in thiray !

Do you believe posting a Job or Need in thiray is like buying a talent or a service or equipment? Think again, posting a Job or Need is actually SELLING
your need for the talent or the service. Yes, you have to impress enough your potential talent / producer for them to 'Apply' for the job or 'Supply' the
finance. And trust me, SELLING is an art; SELLING is a science. So how to post a Job or Need that gets good quality response quickly?

1. Title:
The title of the Job or Need is probably the most important part of the post. It should be clear, short and attractive. People browsing at our job section
should click on your post to read further. Remember the 'headlines' in a news item ? The title forms an important part in our search engine marketing too.
So be short & clear about what you want.

2. Plan ahead:
'Now' has become the buzz word after internet and social media came into existence. But the long standing quote patience is a virtue is still true. People
who see your posts share it to their friends and then it goes viral. It still takes a day or two to reach relevant talent or service provider. So if you
want good quality responses to your Job / Need, plan ahead and make sure you post at least 3 days or a week ahead. Don't do urgent posts.

3. Clarity:
There is a set of certain basic information any Job or Need post must carry. What you need or Who are you looking for? When do you need ? How are you going
to compensate? Where do you need? How long do you need? While we have made every effort to make sure you provide this information, missing any of these
would only confuse the reader and to make them move away to the next job / need.

4. Detailing:
Besides the basic information above, there are certain specific details that the reader expects in your Job / Need posts. For example, if you are looking
for an actor, explain what the role is. If you are looking for camera, explain what kind of lighting you are going to need. These details have to be given
in the 'description' area of the posts. Remember, you are SELLING your Job / Need. You should leave no questions unanswered in the reader's mind.

5. Unpaid / Free:
Remember, nothing comes for free. So don't be surprised if your Job post did not get any responses (even after hundreds of views) if you have marked
compensation as FREE. There are two reasons for this. It means you are not giving enough value to their talent and secondly you are not serious about the
project. Provide basic travel and food expenses at least.

6. Your profile:
The first thing I'm going to do after reading your NEED for Producer post is to check on your thiray profile. If you have claimed that you are going to
make a high budget film in your NEED post but your thiray profile does not have any proof ( any content or credit or reference ) then I'm not going to
believe you. So make sure your thiray profile is complete and showcase your previous so works that I will get the confidence that you will perform.

7. Respond:
When a thiray user applies for a Job or Need, he is going to be waiting for your response. You get an email notification for all the applications in your
registered email. The next action is on you to login and 'Shortlist' or 'Reject' the candidate. If you do this on time, it is going to build your
reputation in thiray and reputation speaks a lot in social networks. If you post something as 'urgent' but don't take action on the applications, people
are going to ignore your next post!

With these tips I'm sure you will be able to get a great response for your next Job / Need in thiray